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c’est elle, c’est moi, c’est nous,

nous vivons tous dans le même flou

tu viens d’ici, je viens de là

nous avons tous une histoire comme celle-là


nous avons tous des instants de respect perdus

des coups qui ont été battus, et je me suis aperçu

que nos murs s’élèvent et s’assombrissent

quand on sent qu’on vit à la périphérie



it’s her, it’s me, it’s us

we are all living in the same blur

you come from here, I come from there

we all have a story like this


we all have moments of lost respect

beatings that have been beaten, and i have noticed

that our walls grow and darken

when we feel like we live on the periphery

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when i was a little girl

adults told me to fear you

to feel lucky that i wasn’t you

fully at least


so i pushed you away

every part of you

your physicality

any relation of me to you


i made myself overly not you 

in an attempt to fit in 

to the environment i was in


i lost every part of you 

every memory 

any connection 

to find you again


those voices that told me 

to reject you 

are the reason 

i am now longing


to know you 

to embrace you 

and to be proud to be you 

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ce que je comprends complètement

c’est l’amour inconditionnel que je ressens

cet amour, ce sentiment qui m’entoure

je le sens quand on danse au rythme du tambour


c’est facil de se perdre dans la vélocité

dans ce monde rempli d’homogénéité

mais ensembles et séparés, nous sommes uniques

et avec nos différences nous sommes unis


car même si nous avons tous des irrégularités

nous voulons tous lutter contre l’altérité



something that i understand completely

is the unconditional love that i feel

that love, that feeling surrounds me

i feel it when we dance to the rhythm of the drum


its easy to lose yourself in the velocity

in this world full of homogeny

but together and apart, we are unique

and with our differences we are united


because even with our irregularities

we all want to fight against otherness

Anchor 4


I have finally found you 

found parts of you in my being 

naturally organically there

a part of me 


I pushed you away 

every part of you 

your physicality 

any relation of me to you


but you were always here 

running through me

you never left


I now find myself


piecing you together 

finding how I can be more you 


I am making my own sound now 

to accept, you

are the reason 

I am now beginning 


to know you 

to embrace you 

and to be proud to be you

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